Alyssa Shea
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Philadelphia’s Cats in Windows

A walking map of Philadelphia's cats in windows

When I moved to Philly from Brooklyn, I had no car, no bike, and no money for public transit. All I had were my feet and my love of cats. I walked everywhere. As I strolled the streets, I found myself stopping frequently to coo at kitties behind glass, so I started to take note. Pretty soon, my friends were texting me with their own sightings!

Now when I’m walking with a [cat-loving] friend, I find myself taking particular routes based on time of day, when I know certain window kitties are likely to be sun bathing or watching the passersby. It’s like an urban kitty safari – will we actually see that furry face this time?!

After a year and half, I finally put my findings into this map, so everyone can build their own window kitty safari. It also functions as a sort of Philly cat census, with my custom kitty icons showcasing the kind of cat found at each location.

Got a kitty to add to the map? Send me the address and a photo or description at:

Philebrity found my cat map and blogged about it:
“Philadelphia’s Cats in Windows is an interactive map of cats in windows. You can see the cluster in South Philly. This is science, everyone. Window cats of Philadelphia are the future.”