Alyssa Shea
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City Projectour

A pocket projector loaded with a visual playlist and used as a walking companion to activate layered play with the cityscape.

Captured with an iPhone mounted on top of the projector.

City Projectour

A collection of early visual experiments.

The Daisies, like Fireworks Exploding

The Fall

Tis the season for all the dying, crusty, orange things to fall, so we can have the satisfaction of crunching them under our #fall #boots.

How do leaves change color?

Mario Brooklyn!

Missing Zipper

An homage to the Times Square Zipper projected on the side of 1 Times Square. The Zipper lived on the facade of this building for decades before it disappeared without a word in 2017. It was the first world’s first real-time news ticker and scrolled updates until its disappearance.