Alyssa Shea
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Times Square Atlas

The Trying-to-Like Times Square Atlas

I started this atlas with an avoidance map. I asked myself a simple question:

“What places do you avoid in New York City?”

It can all really boil down to one place:

Times Square.

Times Square, the object of avoidance, indicated with red X.

Times Square, the object of avoidance, indicated with red X.


This atlas is an exploration of Times Square in an attempt to be endeared by it.

It’s got something for everyone:

sadism, masochism, allegory, archive, nostalgia,

wordplay, mystery(!), and Billboard Top 100 singles.


Dante on Broadway

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Download playlist:

The ‘City Projectour’ experience of inferno

An hallucinatory walking assistant to get you through Times Square.

Traverse space, time, and the circles of hell with projector as guide and city as canvas.

Explore Times Square as a participatory haunting, battling big city lights and jumbotrons with a pocket-sized portal.


Through the use of sound and light, City Projectour layers allegory and archive on top of real time environment to

activate spaces, create connections, and elicit a deeper reflection on the many faces of the planet’s most popular destination.

Ultimately, City Projectour strives to reclaim the experience of Times Square from passive spectator consumed by corporate billboard tsunami to active performer equipped with the power of light and the embodied action of placemaking through walking, featuring the greatest co-star in the world:

New York City itself.

The Zipper

An homage to the Zipper projected on the side of 1 Times Square. The Zipper lived on the facade of this building for decades before it disappeared without a word in 2017. It was the first world’s first real-time news ticker and scrolled updates until its disappearance.

Mayors who shaped distinctive eras of Times Square

This is a series of collage videos based on 3 categories:

mayors who shaped Times Square, the bow tie shape of the neighborhood, and billboards.

Each mayor dons a bow tie featuring the flashing lights and billboards of their respective reign.

They’re accompanied by the Billboard Top 100 single of the average year of their tenures as mayor of New York.

Fiorello La Guardia. Mayor from Jan 1, 1934 to Dec 31, 1945. Billboard single: Only Forever by Bing Crosby.

Rudy Giuliani. Mayor from Jan 1, 1994 to Dec 31, 2001. Billboard single: Too Close by Next

Ed Koch. Mayor from Jan 1, 1978 to Dec 31, 1989. Billboard single: Every Breath You Take by The Police.

Michael Bloomberg. Mayor from Jan 1, 2002 to Dec 31, 2013. Billboard single: Low by Flo Rida.